Founder Message

Welcome to AK Venture, where innovation meets opportunity in the thriving venture market of the UAE and MENA. Our vision for the future and the transformative journey that lies ahead.

In the dynamic landscape of the UAE and MENA, we are witnessing the emergence of a vibrant venture market, fueled by a forward-looking approach. At AK Venture, we embrace this exciting journey, poised to play a significant role in the evolution of business and technology in the region.

The current market is characterized by advancements in technology such as blockchain, cybersecurity, green tech and the integration of artificial intelligence. Dubai and the Emirates are at the forefront of this transformation and AK Venture’s vision is to be an important player in this new landscape. AK Venture is committed to being a catalyst for positive change, leveraging these innovations to shape a future that is not only technologically advanced but also socially and economically impactful.

What sets AK Venture apart is our commitment to introducing an innovative business model that stems from AK Venture team members’ vast experience and rich background in technology, business development, innovation, and entrepreneurship. This wealth of knowledge, acquired through diverse scientific and global experiences, positions AK Venture as a strategic partner for businesses looking to navigate the evolving landscape of the venture market in the UAE and the MENA region.

At AK Venture, we are not just envisioning the future; we are actively shaping it. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore new horizons, push the boundaries of what is possible, and create lasting value in the ever-evolving world of venture and innovation. Thank you for being part of the AK Venture community.

Warm regards,

Founder, AK Venture

Dr. Ayman Rashed Al Khanbouli