Focus Area

Technology and Innovation

At AK Venture, we strategically focus our investments in areas that align with the evolving landscape of technology and Innovation.

Our investment portfolio spans the entire spectrum of cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the future. From Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain to Cybersecurity, FinTech and other emerging tech domains, we actively seek out opportunities that redefine industries. By strategically backing ventures in these transformative sectors, AK Venture is committed to be at the forefront of technological innovation and driving positive change across various industries

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Agri & Food Tech

At AK Venture, we embrace the transformative power of technology to revolutionize how we cultivate, produce, and consume food.

AK Venture’s objective is to support and nurture startups that push the boundaries of innovation. By investing in visionary endeavors, we aim to catalyze advancements that not only transform the agricultural and food tech sectors but also contribute to a more sustainable and resilient global food system. At AK Venture, we believe in the power of strategic investments to drive positive change, innovation and sustainability within the realm of agriculture and food technology.

Our focus is on redefining farming practices, optimizing supply chains, and contributing to sustainable and efficient food production.

Energy & Environment Tech

AK Venture invests strategically in visionary startups and cutting-edge technologies that harness renewable energy, promote sustainability, and address pressing environmental challenges.

At AK Venture, we believe in the transformative power of strategic investments in clean energy and environmental technology startups that are leading the way toward a more resilient and eco-conscious global landscape.

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health 2

Health Tech

As a forward-thinking venture capital firm, we strategically allocate our investments in health tech startups that go beyond conventional boundaries, redefining the landscape of healthcare solutions.

Our primary focus is on visionary ventures that harness the power of technology to elevate medical care, elevate patient outcomes, and usher in a revolutionary era for the healthcare industry.

Education Tech

At AK Venture, we invest in EdTech individuals, startups and ventures dedicated to reshaping the educational landscape. Our goal is to contribute to startups that use technology to play a pivotal role in creating innovative, accessible, and inclusive learning experiences.

Our strategic investments extend across diverse areas within the EdTech landscape, including but not limited to Online Learning Platforms, E-Learning Content and Digital Resources, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Coding and STEM Education, Language Learning Apps, Educational Gamification, and more.

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commercial and industrial

Commercial & Industrial

AK Venture strategically invests in startups that redefine industry norms, optimize operations, and drive innovation in commercial and industrial technology.

We invest in areas such as IoT in industry, Industrial Automation and Robotics, Supply Chain Technologies, 3D Printing, and Smart Building Technologies.